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collection of characters and universes
tw in the stories and character sheets. but for all of them involve horror and period accurate bigotry.


edwardian sea

alt history england, where society never really progressed past the victorian/edwardian era. sailing is the only option to get a taste of how other places are like, and more importantly, for the inherent hunt of others and beasts beyond human understanding. beware the sea! but men are scarier than it by far.

cpt. jurgen odis matson | cpt. helen godkim



alt history of where mid century america never ceased, the politic and scientific progress didnt happen properly, and the world is painted over with a veil of rose colored lenses. monsters are very much real, things arent quite right and many a story happens within this reality of 9-5 jobs, superheros and horrible murders.


jedidiah kovalsky | vincent marković | bill sallow | sally joyce | oscar denim