jeb; jeddie, junipier.
  • vincent calls him junipier on a constant basis, never by his actual name.
  • age | dob.
    34 | october 14th.
    cis man, he/him
    5'8 ft.
    piano player for The Sallow Show, stand up comedian.

    distinguishing features
    square-round face, round eyes, cleft lip, stocky body and curly hair.
    cleft lip, crohn's disease, tourettes.
    mentally, ; panic disorder, ocd, depression.

    tourettes tics;
    early childhood. mostly was only facial tics, blinking and tilting his head slightly were his main ones at the time; but teeth licking was another one as well.

    teenage. kept with the tilting of his head, but now had moved into cracking his neck repeatly; flicking his fingers against his palms and letting out heavy breathing. albeit they were there, he mostly tried to keep them back, which wasnt the best option concidering then they'd come out even more violently once the time came.

    nowadays. stuck with his head tilting through and through, now mostly does heavy chest breathing; moving his shoulders to the side; nodding his head upwards and whispering. those whispers are usually slurs he calls himself like "faggot" and "cocksucker"

    paternal - anxious - kind-hearted - somber - gaurded - easily startled
    comical - self loathing - workaholic - focused - hard working - talented in his specific field

    hobbies | interests | likes
    ► quiet rooms - the piano - music theory - writing - sunlight
    ► long-sleeved shirts - chord progression - entertaining people - choirs
    ► large spaces - collecting - the thought of love - board games - motels


    jedidiah as a young child grew up in a decently well off family, for the most part not having to worry about things in life (other than his tourettes getting in the way of things), however, once he hit teenage hood (around sixteen). he began to find men more, interesting than the women in his life, romantically and sexually. he was horrified and at the age of seventeen ended up killing a younger boy in a fit of post-sex guilt; burying the body in somebody else's house, framing an innocent man for the crime he commited.

    afterwords, he became severely detached from other people, and threw himself into his passion. that being music and the piano, within his mania, he decided to do jokes going along with his songs. after university, at the age of 28 he decided to quit his job of being a office worker and went on to become a standup comedian, who did songs inbetween. with fame, came the men, and at that, his spree of murders induced by sex began; he loved all the men he had sex with; jedidiah wanted them not to die, but they had to. nobody could know, they shouldnt know about how sinful he is.

    however, once he began to gain fame, he found a man coming up more and more in his life, vincent. a singer and part time magician who followed him around constantly, seeming to always one-up in some regards, but not out of hate it seemed. vincent would always come to him after a show, with a sweet voice he'd be ever so flirty; telling jedidiah how wonderful he was and how he was "really somethin' to behold", jedidiah however, wouldnt give in; all those times he had killed, he had lead them on first, he'd not be tempted. even so, vincent did not stop.

    bill sallow came into his life a year ago, a grin on his face and a job with it; being the piano player and sometimes entertainer for his famous show; jedidiah took it without a second thought. vincent was there, a singer and the main event for any song and dance, with him, more men and one women; perhaps maybe he could pretend, at least try to hide from his feelings towards his main song and event. sally joyce would have to do
    it didnt, not at all actually, but patience is key to know the whole truth.

    ⦿ tourettes related.
    like most people with tourettes, when doing something like the piano, he doesnt tic at all due to him being focused so deeply on it. when he's doing stand up that can happen as well, if he's recounting something defiantly. however, has ticced on stage and most people take it as him joking around.

    in terms of being around others, many of the times he tries to suck up his tics, again, usually ends up badly. resulting in him repeatly calling himself a cocksucker under his breath. however, around vincent things are different, he still tics, but he doesnt feel the urge to suck it in; vincent carries on even if he's whispering.

    ⦿ his standup is mostly based around what is happening at the time, political based but not so much so that it turns people off. also making fun of others is common in his bits.

    ⦿ on The Sallow Show is on camera, which makes him severely uncomfortable due to feeling like people know what's going on with him mentally.

    ⦿ drinks mostly only tea, specifically black.

    ⦿ celebrates most jewish holidays at synagouge, being alone is quite nice, but that leads to thinking of his life choices, prayer fixs that.